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Standing around the copier discussing the latest office gossip is a common stereotype in the modern workplace, the truth is that a copy machine is a common an essential part of any business. That said, it’s also a complex piece of machinery that can have its own share problems. Knowing what the problems are and how to resolve them will help smooth the work day.

Most common type of copier problem is a paper jam. This can occur for a variety of reasons, from the wrong paper size to improper loading. When a paper jam occurs, the copier cannot pull paper through correctly and will result in crinkled or damaged copies. Sometimes paper dust, as unbelievable as it may sound, will cause a jam.

Another common problem is copies with lines on them. This is most commonly caused by a foreign substance on the scanner glass or a malfunction inside the ink drum. Take time time to clean the glass and do a test copy. If the lines are still present, the problem might lie with the fusers or the drum blade. If this is the case, you might need to replace the part.

The third most common problem is a cartridge or toner issue. This most often results when an ink cartridge has run out of ink. The copies tend to be light or low quality. The easiest fix is simply to replace the cartridge, but make sure to do so with a compatible brand. Using the wrong ink cartridge can cause further problems.

If you are looking for parts for copiers Dallas, there are number of companies that provide them. However, you should look for the company that will give you the best prices and the best variety of parts so that you can repair any problem your copier might have and ensure that your workday continues without a hitch.

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