Axilor looks to invest in 15 start-ups

A screen grab of Axilor Ventures website

A screen grab of Axilor Ventures website

New Delhi: Bangalore-based Axilor Ventures on Wednesday said it plans to invest in 12-15 start-ups in the current financial year.

Axilor offers three platforms—early stage venture capital funding, scale up and accelerator programme.

The early-stage funding programme supports start-ups from launch to scale, backed by funding of Rs.75 lakh to Rs.3 crore for a significant minority, according to its website. This programme is aimed at companies looking to raise a pre-series A or early series A round.

In scale-up programme, it looks to support start-ups with early customer traction or revenue with their scaling plans. It invests up to Rs.25 lakh in this programme.

The accelerator programme helps start-ups in the idea to pilot stage. At the end of 100 days, most start-ups that achieve the programme goals get funding of Rs. 25 lakh through Axilor’s scale-up programme.

Axilor also announced that it has also opened applications for its the accelerator programme for its winter batch, starting next month.

It plans to induct up to 15 start-ups in its upcoming batch, up from nine in its previous one.

Axilor was started by Kris Gopalakrishnan, S D Shibulal, Tarun Khanna, Srinath Batni and Ganapathy Venugopal.

Despite the talk of a slowdown in funding scenario, Axilor is bullish about opportunities to invest in early-stage start-ups.

“Globally, some of the most successful companies have been built coming out of downturns and it will be no different here. The market leaders of the next decade have just started out and we want to support them through the first 24 months of their journey,” said Kris Gopalakrishnan, chairman of Axilor.

“We will continue to invest in technology start-ups that power e-commerce, enterprise, and healthcare. However, we will also look at investing in capital efficient models in new sectors with exciting possibilities,” he added.


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