Badass Ways to Fund Your Business Idea

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On the other hand, there are many additional creative options available for starting a business that you might not find when buying a car, home or other major consumer item. If you have the urge to be an entrepreneur, I encourage you to think seriously about each of these, before you zero in on one or two, and get totally discouraged if those don’t work for you.

What’s important for an entrepreneur is that to encourage yourself even the times when there is no hope for your business. Great business didn’t start because they have huge amount of findings.

If you are planning to wait somebody to invest into your business then that is futile because why would a investor would be interested in a non-tested business. What most investors look into the previous experience of the person who has approached for investment.

Build Demo’s

When you are planning to start a business, build some demos in advance so that you can use them when you need them to make some bucks.

Fund Your Business before Launch

This is very difficult but i have managed to make this happen before the launch of the company. The best way to that is to meet up with some clients and customers to make long term deals. You have to prove your major clients that you can deliver the task and ask them to make an advance. Use the advance to launch your business with decent amount of funds.

Contact Big Guns for Investment

There are many young big guns in market, who like innovate idea and might invest in your business, all you have to do is to find them. How you can find them? it’s easy, use Facebook and Google to fund these young entrepreneur who are already successful and interested into investing in your business. Make sure to contact them in professional way and also find out what things they like (Your chances increases if you find out what they like “Follow their status, shares, updates and likes can help you understand their interest).

Learn & Work Under Someone

If you fail to find people who can invest or failed to get funds then the best possible way is to work under someone. You can learn many things and make potential contacts.

Attend Events

In order to find potential investors, especially like minded people are to attend events in your city. Many influences gather at events, influencers whom you are not aware of. These gatherings are something you should utilize and make good network.


Always seek opportunities to build a strong network to enhance your visibility in the market. When you sit among the influencer’s people will consider you’re an expert and you can use that network to get some funds without having any experience. Strong network can help you make huge in any business. If you think we have missed any point then why don’t you let us know in the comments?

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