Choosing An Exhibition Display Unit To Ensure You Get Maximum Visibility

Key considerations for most companies are:

  • Choosing an exhibition system that is extremely flexible, durable and reusable for a long period of time.
  • An easy to set up system that is portable so you and your colleagues can set it up without any special equipment or apparatus.
  • Panels are easily changed so images and information can be adjusted when necessary
  • A wide range of colours and graphics available to make sure the stand looks visually stunning.
  • The system is easily added to or reduced in size to suit the exhibition space.
  • The stand is compatible with other modular displays you might already have.

The stand is cost effective.

All of these considerations are important ones, which is why any reputable display stand company will offer all of these product specifications and more. You should expect all of your needs to be met by the stand company you choose – if all of your needs aren’t met go elsewhere.

So if the company you have chosen to use does meet all your needs, how do you then choose the right display unit to suit your business? There are so many amazing options available to you it can be almost impossible to make a choice.
Here are some tips to help you:

Look around

As with any product, you can usually always get a better deal if you look around. You should look for value for money, not the cheapest price. Get a list of companies that match your needs then ask for basic quotes. Compare and contrast; customer service, cost, warranty and reputation.


Think practically

It might not be the most exciting aspect of considering display stands, but it is the most important. The first thing you need to consider is basic visibility. Can the stand you are considering be seen easily and understood easily. You should be able to look at your stand from up close and a few metres away and understand who you are and what you do. The second thing you need to consider is usability. Does the stand allow for different areas of display and communication?

Are you able to point to various pieces of information when talking to a customer? Do you have everything you need around you to demonstrate your business effectively? The third thing you need to consider is setting up. If you are setting up alone or with one other person, you must be able to transport the display and set it up with minimal effort. A great way to find out how easy this is, is to ask for a hands on demonstration with the modular unit you’re interested in before you order the unit. The best companies will actively recommend you have a go at setting it up yourself before you commit to buy.

Think about how long you need the display for

Is the display just for one trade show where you will be promoting a special offer? Or are you going to be using the display over and over again throughout the year at different exhibitions? The display stand should be durable regardless of how long it is needed for, and often you can buy adjustable units that enable you to chop and change images and posters with ease. Ask for honesty about the flexibility of the products you are interested in.

Think about what the exhibition stand needs to do

Does the stand need to be an informative unit that tells a visual story? Does the unit need to be completely sales orientated with several sections for storing products, displaying products and selling products? Is the stand designed to speak for itself even if you aren’t standing at it? Clarify what you need from your exhibition stand before you look into designs and layouts.

The more information you can give to the stand company, the more they will be able to accommodate your needs.These are just some of the considerations you need to make when investing in a display stand, but considering the basics will ensure you get the perfect stand for your needs which ultimately means you’ll be getting the best for your business.


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