Cramer: Apple has taken a beating. Still worth it?

With the Federal Reserve finally making the decision to tighten, Jim Cramer has been focused on stocks that that the market will still love in a tougher environment.

“What we don’t like to see is suffering portfolios, and all too often we have seen all eggs in one basket of a loved stock,” the “Mad Money” host said.

The best way to avoid any blow to the market is to diversify holdings. A portfolio that consists of different kinds of investments should typically yield higher returns, and have lower risk than those that have the same types of investments.

So in order to ensure that the players at home understand the importance of diversification, Cramer played a game called “Am I Diversified?” with callers on the show who provide their top five holdings and Cramer provides his feedback.

The first caller was Todd, who had a portfolio that consisted ofFacebook, Anglo Gold Ashanti, Skechers, Apple and Allergan.

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Cramer said that he would rather own the gold ETF GLD instead of Anglo Gold Ashanti. And while both Apple and Facebook are both tech stocks, Cramer was willing to accept both of them in the portfolio because Apple is such a low multiple stock and isn’t doing well right now.

One pattern that Cramer noticed with all of the portfolios was the prevalence of Apple. It seemed that the stock has now become a core position for many investors, and was a position in all of the callers inquiring with Cramer.
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