Facebook, Google, Amazon some of the most trafficked tech apps of 2015

Every day you reach for your phone, tap the screen and open … which app?

Analysts at Mizuho Securities think they might have a good idea.

The financial firm surveyed more than a thousand mobile users to determine the most trafficked apps of this year, testing platforms across search, social and mobile commerce.

Here’s what the survey found:

  • 80 percent of users still search with Google
  • only 8-9 percent go directly to the Google app
  • Facebook is the No. 1 social app, Instagram is No. 2 and Snapchat is No. 3
  • Twitter fell to the seventh most trafficked social app
  • 61 percent of users began their mobile shopping experience on Amazon in November (compared to 45 percent in June this year)

Based on this data, Mizuho Securities analyst Neil Doshi told CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” on Monday that he’s betting on Facebook, Amazon andAlphabet for 2016. If this analysis sounds familiar, it’s because it’s coming on the heels of a pattern investors have noticed all year.

Doshi explained that 2015 has been a strong year for growth at Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (now Alphabet), also known as FANG stocks.

“These stocks weren’t really impacted by the unicorns the way a lot of these midcap Internet stocks like Twitter and Yelp and GrubHub have been,” Doshi said Monday. “So we think that the big guys will continue to get bigger in 2016.”

However, some of these “big guys” will have to watch out for ad-blocking tools, something that Doshi said millennials are downloading at increasing rates.

“That could be negative for Google, I think less so negative for Facebook and Twitter and some of the guys that have really endemic, native-type advertising,” he said. “I don’t feel like the Street has focused too much on it, but I think this could be a big theme for 2016.”

Beyond the big leagues, Doshi said LinkedIn could surprise investors as an underdog in the new year.

“I think 2016 could be a really interesting setup for LinkedIn. You’re coming off of easier comps, you had a lot of noise with display advertising and the Lynda acquisition; I think that goes away,” said Doshi.

He added that the pricing increase and the new “Facebook-y” mobile app experience could also be a big driver for people to use the LinkedIn app — something that could drive strong growth in 2016 as well.
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