Four Tips To Avoid The Holiday Car Rental Cons

The holiday rush can be maddening for everybody particularly for people planning to use car rental services for many reasons. Think of the car rental agencies running out of cars, of the customers settling for their second choices, and of unscrupulous persons taking advantage of the frantic customers’ anxiety, among others.

You can, fortunately, avoid the holiday rental cons by keeping these four tips in mind. Better yet, you should start by looking at the available rental cars and the booking your car of choice with a reliable and reputable agency – and Capital Hire is certainly one of the best car rental agencies in the UK.

#1 Check and Re-check the Car

Always make it a point to check and re-check the rental car when collecting it because it can mean the difference between life and death or between being scammed and getting the best value for your money.

  • Take photos of any issue with the interior and exterior of the car preferably with your smartphone (i.e., time and date are automatically added)
  • Take note of any defects including dents, scratches and missing parts so that you can call the attendant’s attention to them; be sure that the contract has an addendum stating these defects.
  • Check the car for safety, such as correct tyre pressure, brakes, lights, and seat belts, among others.

#2 Go for a Full Tank

While many car rental agencies provide their customers with a full tank of fuel at the start and then tell them to return the tank empty, you should escape the trap. Whenever possible, ask the agency for an alternative arrangement wherein you will return the car with a full tank while also agreeing not to pay for the full tank at the outset.

Why? The agency makes a profit from the scheme. Think of it: You will be charged top prices for the full tank but you are most likely to return it with a quarter or so of petrol. The agency will then put in just three-quarters for the next customer yet charge full prices – a handsome profit over the long-term period.


#3 Avoid Extra Driver Charges

In many car rental agencies, customers can be charged over £10 a day for an extra driver. This is in contrast with previous arrangements where an extra driver was part and parcel of the rental package, which means lower costs for the customer.

To skip on the high cost, you can choose a higher-level package or you can assign just one driver while planning your trip for more rest stops. But if it cannot be avoided, then ask the car rental agency for discounts on the extra driver.

#4 Bring Your Own

You may be charged for extras, as is the case for most businesses. Be sure to bring your own things, such as child car seats, portable global positioning system (GPS), and even a map, so you can skip on the added charges.


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