How To Ensure Your Confectionery Business Is A Sweet Success




Have you got a penchant for all things sweet? Would you like to open a business where you can make good money out of this passion? Opening up a confectionery business will ensure that you are always surrounded by sugary treats. If you are thinking of going into business within the confectionery industry here is some information that will ensure that your enterprise is a success.


First, work out how much you can afford to spend on your confectionary business. Remember to factor into your business budget the property rental, shop fittings, stock, and equipment. Make sure you have enough money to keep your business secure for the first year. If you require a bank loan, make sure you organize this before you open your business.

Homemade candy?

You will need to establish whether you plan to purchase your stock from suppliers like and / or make the products yourself.

If you intend to make homemade confectionery, you must contact your local health department for information on the regulations you must comply with. You will also need to obtain certain permits before you can prepare and sell food to consumers.



Name your business

When thinking of a business name, it is best to opt for something that is consistent with the personality and brand of your enterprise. Are you aiming to open a traditional sweet shop or do you see yourself running a modern business?

Confectionery is fun and light-hearted so try not to choose a name that is too serious. Once you have chosen a name, register your business and obtain a sales tax permit and the necessary insurance.

Select a business premises

Work out how much you can afford on rent and decide on your ideal geographical area. Once you have done this you can start to look at properties. Try and find a site that has a considerable amount of footfall and passing traffic. You can usually retrieve data on footfall from your local council.

There is a slight chance that you may be given a license to make your products and manage your business from home but in most cases this will not be allowed. You will probably need to rent a kitchen space where you can legally prepare your sugary treats.

Decorate your premises

Decide on the theme and appearance for your sweet shop and stick to them when decorating your premises. For example, if you pick a color palette of red and white try to keep to this as far as possible. Invest in good quality fittings for your shop. If customers perceive your premises as being poorly kitted out, they will assume that your products are below standard too.



Set up a website

All emerging businesses these days require to have a website. Otherwise, customers will perceive your company as backward. Remember to reflect your business identity through your website. You may also wish to include an online shop facility that customers can use to buy items easily from your shop.

The opening day!

On your first day of business, it is a good idea to attract customers to your shops with balloons and creative advertisement boards. You may also wish to hand out free samples of your delicious produce to your new customers.

Good luck and we hope that your new business is a sweet success!


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