How to Make Sure Your Arabian Horse is Healthy

After you’ve made an investment in a beautiful Arabian horse, you’ll want to make sure that he remains happy and healthy year round; with proper care and maintenance, he’ll be a wonderful addition to your stable.  If you’ve purchased him from a reputable source, you’ll be off on the right step toward years of pleasure with your new animal.  Let’s review some steps that you’ll need to take to keep your Arabian looking and feeling outstanding.

A Nutritional Feeding Plan

Even if your Arabian isn’t a show horse he still needs a healthy diet each day; should he be involved in competition you must ask your veterinarian to help you design a nutrition plan for him to follow.  Your Arabian horse will need a particular amount of food depending on his level of activity; if his activity level is low, two meals of quality horse feed along with a mineral or salt lick will be good for him. He should also have plenty of fresh water each day to keep him hydrated.

Health Care by Your Vet

It’s important for your Arabian to receive preventative along with regular health care from a licensed vet.  This includes his vaccinations, dental care, and deworming procedures.  There are a myriad of variables in your Arabian’s environment so having a set of professional eyes on his beautiful body looking for abnormalities on a regular basis is imperative to his good health.  This professional can also assist you with the proper diet and nutrition for your horse.

Partner with a Farrier


Your horse will need routine care for his hooves and by partnering with a reputable farrier you’ll always have an expert to address any issues that your Arabian may face.  You’ll want to trim his hooves about every two months depending on his age, the season, his nutrition, and the environment in which he is living.  Should your Arabian experience an injury involving his hooves, your farrier can address the problem and work in conjunction with your vet to solve the issue as quickly as possible.


Keeping His Barn in Good Shape


If you’re keeping your Arabian in the barn on your property, you should address the following points for good health:

  • Make sure his stall is big enough for him to have freedom of movement
  • Give him the right bedding that includes straw and maybe wood shavings
  • Clean the dirty bedding from the stall on a daily basis
  • Make sure that he doesn’t stand on concrete all day long

Because buying a healthy horse is the first step to good health, you should visit the website where only the finest and healthiest of the breed are available.  Starting with an Arabian that has had good care for the first part of his life will make your job of maintaining his health much easier.  Give particular attention to his food, water, and the area where he spends his day and you’re sure to have a happy and healthy Arabian in your stable.


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