Podcasting Takes Prominent Place In Content Marketing

podcasting content marketing0eMarketer projects that growth will continue for the U.S. podcasting audience through 2013 – 37.6 million people will download podcasts monthly, more than double the 2008 figure of 17.4 million. Podcast downloaders are expected to grow from 9% in 2008 to 17% in 2013.

I have been a huge fan and supporter of the radio podcast since it emerged in the media mix several years ago. I spent twenty plus years in broadcast radio sales and management because I love radio and media that requires “listening.” There is something about listening that engages my emotions, thought process and comprehension, more than others.

The popularity of podcasting over the past 18 months is a trend that has been building and growing steadily and this year the podcast takes it’s prominent place in the content marketing mix.

I wrote an article on the growth of podcasting and was intrigued by the impressive metrics. I have been using the medium since 2009 and have seen more small businesses, companies and professional consultants embrace and use it.

Whether your a big, small, mainstream or a niche entity, podcasts are easy to do, listen to, learn from and return to.

There are so many sound and sensible reasons to podcast for business, learning and branding. Listening took a bit of a back seat to visual and video the past few years, but it is back as an iconic, mature effective way to engage people more personally to think and enjoy learning. Recorded audio and internet radio are growing in popularity and effectiveness, as evident in listening to e-books (Amazon), music (iTunes) and sportscasts (ESPN), which have put audio back on a growth track.

What Are They Podcasting About?

The mix of what people are podcasting about is limitless. You can find any podcast subject, topic or content including music, sports, medical, entertainment, business, marketing, professional services, science, cooking, political and kids to name just a few.

Who is Podcasting?

Rachel Ray on cooking, Ted Talks, NPR’s Fresh Air, on a range of subjects, ESPN on sports, and the Wall Street Journal on business are just a few.

Go to iTunes, one of the largest podcast directories, and get some ideas about what you could be podcasting about. They have featured providers like the  BBC and NFL and several featured collections on movies, music, gaming and fantasy football and much more.

Download the Podcast App on your smartphone, get yourself a killer set of headphones and enjoy listening to podcasts just about anywhere you are or want to be: on your porch, in your car, on the train, in a plane, at the beach, or at your favorite café.

I signed on to BlogTalkRadio in 2009 and radio podcast segments have over 160k downloads and page views and continue to grow nationally and internationally. This format has been an amazing way for me to share, inform and tell the story in my own voice, featuring some of the top thought leaders in small business, marketing, careers and media.

Ready to make this the year you launch your podcast or take it to the next level?

It’s on the rise, easy to do, requires very little equipment and integrates easily and seamlessly with social media, email marketing, YouTube and blogging.

Podcasting as a content marketing vehicle can brand you for who you are and what you want to be known for in a very personal way. It’s you speaking to and about things you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Personal branding, charisma and magnetism in action.

Consider these 4 simple guidelines to help you launch your podcast.  Go for it and welcome to the family!

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