How Does Redevelopment Help Cities?

The redevelopment of buildings is a good way to repurpose dilapidated structures into new buildings providing more benefit to the community at large. Many buildings these days are redeveloped into apartments to help house the growing population. With these new apartments comes new life to neighborhoods and many benefits to the cities they are in.

What Is Redevelopment?

With redevelopment, an older building is demolished to make room for a new apartment building, commercial space or mixed-use structure. The use will largely depend on the zoning of the land and what permissions the developer, like Steven Taylor Landlord, can get from the municipal bodies in charge.

What Are the Effects on Housing?

Many older buildings, apartment buildings included, will not necessarily meet current building codes for safety, so redeveloping them can help keep damages down after fires, earthquakes or other disasters. The new buildings can also be part of a revitalized neighborhood and offer more space for the type of residents are in the city. For example, cities full of single professionals might look at a smaller and newer apartment while new families will be looking for larger condos.

What Are the Effects on Transportation?

When you redevelop an apartment complex, parking issues are also addressed. This can keep fewer vehicles from being parked on the streets or even inspire more public transportation options in the area. When apartments are put closer to the city center, many will include walking or biking paths to give access to the businesses within walking distance and keeping congestion down.

Redevelopment can help breathe life back into aging parts of cities, making them safer and more efficient for the changing populace. You can redevelop apartment complexes to house single professionals, growing families or even empty nesters and cater to their needs better. These new buildings can also help cut down on traffic by locating housing closer to where people work and shop.

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