Ryan Reynolds’ gin company features ‘Peloton wife’ in new ad

Unrestricted Peloton wife in Aviation Gin ad 191207

Following that viral, much criticized Peloton ad, actor Ryan Reynolds’ gin company has come up with a new commercial starring the very same actress at the center of the controversy.

The ad from Peloton, a company known for its exercise bikes, stirred up a storm across the internet this week. In the 50-second commercial, a man gives his wife — now known as the “Peloton wife” — an exercise bike as a gift. That sparked outrage online as viewers complained about what they saw as undertones of sexism in the ad.

In the ad, the very same actress is at a bar with two friends. She stares at the camera in a lengthy, awkward silence before saying: “This gin is really smooth.”

One of her friends then tell her she’s “safe here,” before they all toast to “new beginnings.” The ad, which has attracted more than a million views in two hours, ends with the friend telling her “you look great.”

Peloton shares took a hit from the storm of criticism, plunging about 15% through the week by Thursday, before picking up slightly on Friday.

The company has since responded, saying it was “disappointed in how some have misinterpreted this commercial.”


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