Saving Compounds From The Pharma Industry

Saving Compounds from the Pharma Industry

Do drug companies give up on compounds too fast during clinical trials? Companies like biopharma newcomer Roivant are now rescuing deprioritized drug candidates from Big Pharma and looking at the compounds in new ways using precision medicine.

Specializing in late-phase clinical development and commercialization of deprioritized drug candidates, Roivant purchases shelved drug candidates and the corresponding R&D from other pharma companies. The hope is to salvage compounds that otherwise wouldn’t have made it to the market due to various internal concerns.

The company’s first drug — originally developed by GlaxoSmithKline — is generating positive interest and currently recruiting for a Phase III clinical trial.

CEO Vivek Ramaswamy, speaking at the Forbes Healthcare Summit, sees neglected compounds as an ethical issue.

“The problem we are trying to solve is that of drugs that would have never seen the light of day for reasons that have nothing to do with the inherent properties of drug candidates themselves and mor.


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