Shopping Posts: 2020’s Digital Marketing Frontier

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Digital marketing is an ever-shifting landscape, and there’s good reason for that. The techniques used to optimize your post placement really don’t do more than let you tread water if you’re using the same methods as everyone else. To get an edge, you need to enter into a marketing arms race. There are a few key components to success in that realm, and they all help you use your marketing to expand your share of your local market, even if your local market happens to be national because you’re expanding. Those components are sharp research, creative team members, and strong leadership that can identify and implement new tools. As we head into 2020, the emerging trend that early adopters are hopping on to get an edge on sales conversions is the shopping post. This feature has been rolled out individually on most social networks, with Instagram and Facebook among the notable early adopters.

How Shopping Posts Work

You’ve no doubt seen the way different social media posts impact your overall page impressions and conversions to your site and store page. Links to your blog are shared by followers when they go up, leading to even more traffic. Similarly, if you’re rolling out a new sale, they frequently share the link to your store. What if you could highlight your best sales with a button to let people shop without leaving the social network? That’s what these shopping posts are. They have some drawbacks, for sure. They don’t get customers into your store for as many upselling opportunities, nor do they give you the opportunity to send someone through your catalog to browse. Instead, they streamline the purchasing process.

The benefits of this move outweigh those drawbacks if you use them to a clear purpose, because new customers often enjoy a streamlined experience and frequent visitors already know your sale. The lowered disruption to their browsing experience makes impulse buying easy, and your receipt email is another chance to get them on an email list or visiting the site. It’s all in how you use it with over tools. That’s where leadership comes in. Visionary executives like Eyal Gutentag push their companies to achieve more, and you need a team that can do that for you.

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