Steven Rindner – The Other Name of Diversity

5Steven Rindner is the Chief Strategy Officer at Scout. The much talented Rindner, earlier had worked with Pittman for a long time. He was the first one to crack a lead deal at AOL as SVP Corporate development. He was more recently working with Pilot Group, investment fund of Pittman as the key lead. Here, Rindner was taking care of the investment in male media properties. Later the firm merged with Heckman’s

This very diversified man, Steven Rindner has also worked with Louis Dreyfus, a private equity firm. He served this firm as SVP, Strategic Alliances for Citigroup. Currently Rindner is responsible for leading acquisitions and driving partnerships for the media network roll-up.

Scout is owned by a private equity fund based at New York, known as, the Pilot Group. The merger will give way to delivery of multiple content offerings – more than before. There will be NFL, baseball, college football, basketball, several outdoor enthusiast sports like hunting, hiking and fishing. There will also be other enthusiast-based channels.

The company was initially founded by Heckman in 2001. It was later purchased by Fox in 2005. Currently Scout Media runs over 300 sports properties over web. While on the other hand, NAMG, which is owned by Pilot Group, is formed of mainly male targeted enthusiast media. It also has several male targeted commerce properties. Some of the more popular properties are North American Fisherman, North American Hunter, and Golf Partners. The company also has partnership with The History Channel and Major League Baseball.

Newer shows will be combined with existing networks to relaunch already existing cable television shows. Currently the company boasts of dozens of national enthusiast brands, tens of thousands of professionally produced videos, over 300 web destinations, tens of millions in subscription and advertising revenue, highly engaged online niche communities and eighteen million deep customer list. Currently through online sale of merchandise the company earns a revenue of over $50 million.

Scout and NAMG accounts are both based on subscription models. NAMG allows a robust commerce business with it. There is also a New York based advertisement, marketing and sales team. The Seattle based business of Scout has digital infrastructure that will operate and control both networks. On the other hand, NAMG and Scout’s single niche channels will go forward with their present branding within the Scout network brand.

Pilot Group is based out of New York and started to function in 2003. The company was founded by Bob Pittman, Mayo Stuntz and others. All of them had deep media experience. Steven Rindner, who is the Chief Strategy Officer at Scout, is also a fitness enthusiast. He is passionate about running and aims to explore the world on toes. He was once quoted as saying that he holds an ambition to participate in marathon in all parts of the world. He has over 20 years of professional experience. Throughout his professional career he has focused and excelled in marketing, advertising, sales, partnerships and acquisition.


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