“Make in India 2.0 to Boost Overall Industry Growth” comes out strong from National Seminar at Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME)

Mumbai: The two-day National Seminar hosted by XIME on ‘Make in India: Making It Work’ ended with amazing power packed sessions highlighting ways in which not only the manufacturing industry but all industries including SMEs and start-ups can contribute towards... Read more

Surviving Entrepreneurship With 8 Important Tech Skills

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Is America in the Midst of a High Tech Entrepreneurship Boom?

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Despite the Hype, Few Study Entrepreneurship

With all of the media discussion of business plan competitions, school rankingsand foundation and government initiatives to promote teaching entrepreneurship, you might think that it’s a hot course of study on college campuses. But less than two percent of accredited... Read more

Entrepreneurship Requires Working Like the Future is Already Here (Watch)

If you’re a movie buff like me, you may have thrilled to the spectacle when movies like “Star Trek” and the latest “Star Wars” hit the screen. The exciting possibilities of a future in which intelligent robots, speed of light... Read more

“Entrepreneurship Philosophia (Love of Business Wisdom)” A Community Choice Winner in 2016 Small Business Book Awards

es Nominated for a Small Business Book Award in: Motivation Read more about this nominee Entrepreneurship Philosophia is a book that highlights over 35 philosophies of success as practiced by over 365 leaders in North America. It is a result... Read more

Does income Inequality Depress prices of Entrepreneurship?

numerous economists have argued that income inequality reduces entrepreneurial pastime. whilst a largepart of a state’s populace is negative, they argue, would-be organisation founders can not benefit get admission to to the capital that they want to start businesses. As... Read more

Will increasing the Social protection net increase Entrepreneurship?

The traditional view of entrepreneurship holds that policy makers can growth enterprise introduction byreducing intervention in the economic system. less authorities involvement frees up those inclined to take the threat of beginning companies to pursue enterprise possibilities, this school of... Read more