How lizards keep detachable tails from falling off

Lizards are famous for losing their tails, but perhaps the bigger question should be: How do their tails stay on? The answer may lie in the appendage’s internal design. A structure of prongs, micropillars and nanopores holds a lizard’s tail on... Read more

China will keep supporting economy as ‘pressure’ lingers, says top decision-making body

China will maintain policy support for the economy, which still faces “downward pressure” and difficulties after better-than-expected first quarter growth, the Communist Party’s top decision-making body said on Friday. The statement from the politburo came two days after China reported had steady 6.4... Read more

12 Industries to Keep An Eye On

As technology evolves and startups jump on these advancements, a few industries are fundamentally changing. And as these industries push forward, they create even greater advancements of their tech. Curious what market sector is most likely to be disrupted in... Read more

How to keep your Bitcoin safe?

Bitcoin has given a whopping return of 155 percent over the period of just one month. It has moved up from $6500 in November to $16,760 as on 11th December. The extraordinary return has created a frenzy among investors shooting up... Read more

47 Percent of Small Business Retailers Struggle to Keep Up with Mobile Marketing Trends

A new study (PDF) from Texas-based digital savings company RetailMeNot, Inc., finds almost half (47 percent) of small business retailers struggle to keep up with the latest trends in mobile marketing. Small Business Retailers Struggling with Mobile Marketing There is a continued increase... Read more

Stock market boom helps keep economy growing

Consumer spending has boosted the economy, but rising inflation could slow that down this year CREDIT: JOHN STILLWELL/PA WIRE Surging share prices are making households wealthier, boosting confidence and offsetting some of the squeeze from rising inflation and sluggish wage... Read more

Check Out This Monthly Checklist to Keep Your Blog Fresh

The New Year always compels people to look at what they’re doing with a critical eye, find things that can be improved, and set higher goals. This year, one of my editorial goals is to use what I’ve already done... Read more

Why Trump Might Keep the International Entrepreneur Rule

Back in August, the Obama Administration proposed new regulations that would allow some foreign entrepreneurs to stay in the United States to build their companies. While President-Elect Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has some worried that he will reverse this directive, I... Read more

Small Business SEO Trends to Keep an Eye On

0As we approach the end of the year it’s obviously a nice time to take stock and make sure all your logistical ducks are in a row, and that’s true of SEO and online marketing as well. Lots of smart... Read more

30 Tips to Keep Yourself Positive as an Entrepreneur

Running a business is hard. So staying positive as an entrepreneur isn’t always easy. But there are some things you can do to improve your mindset and stay positive while running a business. Here are 30 simple tips. How to... Read more