India notifies rules to protect green energy investments

NEW DELHI: In an attempt to soothe investor concerns amid a logjam over power supply contracts with Punjab, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, the union government has notified rules for ensuring “timely recovery of costs due to change in law.” “The... Read more

Exclusive | “Idea that tariff barriers can protect industry is nuts”, says US Chambers of Commerce official

“When we trade together, it is an economic multiplier and we all benefit. I would encourage both governments to rethink their approach to agriculture tariffs, to industrial tariffs”, Patrick Kilbride added. The US Chambers of Commerce is quite hopeful that... Read more

12 Ways to Protect Your Company Against a Client Going Into Bankruptcy

The number of businesses that file bankruptcy grows each year. With almost 800,000 bankruptcy filings in the last 12 months, according to a report compiled by the U.S. Courts, it is inevitable that you will have dealings with a client that... Read more

How to Protect Your Small Business from the Latest Scam — A More Elaborate 419 Fraud

Small businesses need to be continually watching out for scams and fraudsters. The latest scam is similar to a famous fraud from years ago, but with added technology. John Canfield is the Vice President of Risk Management at WePay. He spoke with Small... Read more

Congress Should Protect Consumers from Harmful Finance Regulations

Speaking at a press conference Tuesday alongside House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) made a series of outlandish claims regarding the current state of financial regulation. After criticizing the Republican use of the Congressional... Read more

8 Ways to Protect You and Clients from Financial Fraud

he predicament unfolding at Wells Fargo where 5,300 employees were fired due to phony bank accounts opened to “boost their sales figures and make more money” is not new in the financial world. Unscrupulous practices have occurred for years in varying... Read more

Protect Your Small Business with Strong Company Policies

The Wells Fargo Bank fraudulent activities was a jaw dropping news event. We are all aware of protecting passwords online, but the bank magnified potential problems ahead. Upon walking into a bank, one normally trusts the tellers employed to handle... Read more