Avoid Sales Tax Surprises: 9 Point Compliance Checklist

There are now more than 11,000 sales tax jurisdictions across the U.S. Complying with this complex jurisdictional matrix, each with its own set of rates, regulations and forms can be nothing less than a nightmare for smaller ecommerce businesses. To... Read more

5 Actions you can take to reduce the impact of home loan on your tax planning

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Coronavirus lockdown | IT industry pushes to recast labour, tax rules for work-from-home model: Report

The information technology (IT) industry has approached the central government ministries to flesh out changes to taxation and labour laws in line with the work-from-home (WFH) model. While the coronavirus pandemic forced offices to migrate to WFH, many are expected... Read more

Industry insiders expect better occupancies in coming quarter after GST tax cut

NEW DELHI: Hospitality industry insiders are expecting better occupancies and growth in the upcoming festive and winter season following the reduction in GST rates on luxury and premium hotels in the country. The GST Council had on Friday slashed room rates for hotels with... Read more

Industry seeks tax cuts, bold land, labour reforms from NDA

Industry executives on Monday sought tax cuts, lower interest rates and bold reforms in land acquisition and labour laws in a blueprint prepared to aid the Modi administration in adding momentum to economic growth. Vikram Kirloskar, chairman and managing director... Read more

Ease of doing business via tax reforms to continue: Arun Jaitley

New Delhi: Direct and indirect tax reforms will continue to facilitate and expedite the process of ease of doing business in India, finance minister Arun Jaitley said. The government is committed to facilitate trade and industry in the country so that the momentum of the growth... Read more

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Electric car may save you over Rs 70,000 in road tax 

 READY: There are plans to provide subsidy to those opting for electric vehicles NEW DELHI: An exemption on road tax of up to 100 per cent, incentives to replace your old vehicle and charging stations across the city — the Delhi government is planning... Read more

Bitcoin Investing Is Creating Tax Predicaments for Hedge Funds

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