5 Retail Automation Trends that Can Turn Your Business to Gold

Automation is like the fabled king Midas, whose touch could turn everything into gold. All the industries that have embraced automation, changed beyond recognition. In the retail industry, the changes are visible. Automation is bringing new trends to the retail... Read more

ProsperWorks Offers CRM That Works with Gmail – But How Well?

Usefulness Functionality Price Summary ProsperWorks gathers all the data that you need to increase sales, simplifies it and presents it to you in an easy to digest form that will help you make quick and beneficial businesses decisions. ProsperWorks is... Read more

Corporate Blogs – 6 Examples That Can Be an Inspiration for Your Company Website

Blogs have been an integral part of websites for many years. Almost every corporate site has a tab where you can find a list of news or articles. In this post, I will present 6 blogs of famous brands that stand out... Read more

The case for investing in market-linked debentures that are fast evolving

Market-linked-debentures (MLDs) have been around for some time and have been accepted in the “wealth” market. They merit another discussion at this juncture due to two reasons (a) post Union budget, taxation of dividends from equity shares is a little... Read more

Exclusive | “Idea that tariff barriers can protect industry is nuts”, says US Chambers of Commerce official

“When we trade together, it is an economic multiplier and we all benefit. I would encourage both governments to rethink their approach to agriculture tariffs, to industrial tariffs”, Patrick Kilbride added. The US Chambers of Commerce is quite hopeful that... Read more

Carta debuts fund to invest in startups that tap into its platform

This morning Carta, a startup that helps private companies manage equity, announced it has created an investing vehicle called Carta  Ventures. The well-funded unicorn wants to invest in young startups that it sees building off of its data-driven perspective into the world of... Read more

Five charts that show how India’s telecom industry has fared post Reliance Jio

It’s a little over three years since Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd launched services and changed the face of the industry with large amounts of data and voice usage limits. The period has been marked by a huge spike in data... Read more

This is the business that Vijay Shekhar Sharma ran before building Paytm into a giant

In 2007, the Indian market had several vacuums – the vacuum of Internet users, the vacuum of devices like laptops and smartphones, and the vacuum of infrastructure around delivery and payments. As investors, we could afford to make choices and... Read more

Mining scandals: four incidents that shook the industry

has seen a number of significant scandals in recent years. Here are four of the biggest mining scandals. The island of Borneo, where Michael de Guzman claimed to have struck gold. Credit: Wikimedia Bre-X’s fake gold mine In 1989, Canadian... Read more

This Primitive Investing Formula Is All That Most Investors Need

Sustainable Lifestyle, Savings, Business, GrowthGETTY “Buy and hold” is a great, time-tested investment strategy. It works on two conditions, though. You have to allow it sufficient time. And you have to stick with it. The problem is very few investors can stick with it.... Read more