The 3 stocks that have lost $192 billion this year

A Walmart department manager helps stock shelves with school supplies in San Diego, California August 6, 2015.

With serious slides on the year, three giant companies have seen their combined market value diminish by nearly a fifth of a trillion dollars in 2015.

Out of all the S&P 500 companies, the one that has lost the most value year-to-date is Wal-Mart. The world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart is worth a total of $193 billion. But its market capitalization has diminished by 30 percent since the beginning of the year, when Wal-Mart’s stock was valued at $277 billion.

This as the company has been vexed with troubling earnings concerns. In October, the stock plunged 10 percent in a single session after the company’s management cut sales and profit guidance.

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The second-biggest loser is Exxon Mobil, which has shed nearly $60 billion in value this year. Its massive size has made it by far the biggest market cap loser in the energy sector, even though Exxon shares have fallen a bit less — on a percentage basis — than the overall S&P 500 energy sector this year.

The third-biggest loser is wireless technology company Qualcomm, which has seen $48 billion worth of value evaporate. That stock plunged in early November after a disappointing earnings report.

Of the three names, Wall Street appears the most positive on the third. The average analyst rating on Wal-Mart and on Exxon Mobil is “hold,” while the average analyst rates Qualcomm “outperform,” with an average target price of $63.17, according to FactSet. That target implies a rise of nearly 30 percent from current levels.

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