Yoga & investing: Lessons learnt & similarities

Sameer Kalra

Yoga and investing offer similar teachings and if applied consistently, without being aggressive in the long run, the benefits are far greater than expectations.

Here are some similarities between the essential lessons of yoga and investing/trading:


While yoga uses exercise to keep one’s body and mind healthy, investing can have similar implications on both physical and mental health.

The loss or profit incurred in trading/investment can impact your heart and brain, in a way similar to yoga.


We are what we eat. A proper diet should accompany a yoga practice to maintain a healthy body and energy.

Similarly, we are what we invest in. A retail investor should only invest in what they know and the amount they can risk in case it falls 30-40 percent.

An investor should avoid tips from advisors who do not explain the reason behind the investment idea. Anything invested in high amounts and unknown can affect your health.


Yoga lays emphasis on breathing which increases lung capacity and oxygen flow throughout the body that clears and cleanses our mind.

Similarly, investors need breathing which simply means that they need to step away from the market at times when buying or selling a stock is not ideal, but people still do it due to Fear Of Missing Out.

Investors should wait for the dust to settle as they have invested in known stocks with the amount they are comfortable with.


Yoga focuses on flexibility of the body to help the oxygen circulate properly.

Investing or trading also require flexibility in terms of the portfolio. This means the participant should make a portfolio or trade in such a way that they are able to reduce or increase weight in any stock in the portfolio when the valuations or the change in prices is beyond rationality or your risk.


If practised consistently and properly yoga can become an essential part of your lifestyle as it keeps you healthy and fit.

Investing or trading, if done with all the lesson learnt and in the way, will always give positive results which will eventually become a habit.

In the end investing, trading or yoga will take more effort first but later give more profit over time.


(The author is Founder & President (Research) at Target Investing.)

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