3 Types of Business Insurance

Many places require businesses to carry insurance, however, the laws vary by region. It is important to meet all the minimum requirements to stay in compliance. However, considering other types of insurance may also be a good idea.

1. Key Person

Many companies have one or more key employees who are vital to the everyday operation of the business. If that person were to become disabled or deceased, then key person coverage would help mitigate the impact felt by the loss of the employee. This usually applies to owners or founders. Look into business insurance Newark DE to find a policy that covers key employees.

2. Natural Disaster

While many incidents can be prevented through the implantation of sensible company policies and employee training programs, some things are unforeseeable and unavoidable. Earthquakes, floods and fires can ravage a business. People may be injured or killed, and property can be destroyed. Having extra insurance in place can keep the company from going bankrupt after a natural disaster occurs. Buildings that exist in risk zones may be required by law to have insurance policies, but even places that are not seen to be at risk may want to consider extra protection.

3. Liability

There are different types of liability insurance that cover different situations. Establishments that sell alcohol would likely need liquor liability insurance, while product liability insurance is a good idea for any company that sells a physical item. Insurance that protects against lawsuits from disgruntled employees or customers can keep the company afloat after a settlement has been paid out. Research the different kinds of liability insurance to determine what best suits the needs of the business.

Insurance can be complicated for business owners who are making choices about it for the first time. Find someone trustworthy to go over all of the options and break down the coverage in terms that are easy to understand so that all the necessary policies are purchased.

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