4 Items That Require Regular Backflow Testing

Part of owning a business or home is making sure all of its working parts are safe and up to date; this includes regular backflow testing. A backflow valve is installed on a water line to prevent the reverse flow of potentially contaminated water on a potable water system. Below are four items across the board that need yearly backflow testing at a minimum.

Soda Machines

Most restaurants and fast food chains have a soda machine to satisfy thirsty customers. A backflow valve is imperative on these machines to keep the carbon dioxide that makes the water bubbly from mixing with the drinkable water. Drinking unfiltered carbon dioxide has serious health consequences, so this is important to test frequently.

Fire Safety Sprinklers

Many office buildings, warehouses, and older homes have sprinklers in the ceilings that act as a special fire safety system. These systems require backflow testing Lufkin TX so the water in the lines do not back up and clog in the event of an emergency. The backflow valve is also important in these devices so the water that sprays is free of debris or harmful chemicals.

Yard Sprinklers

In both the home sector and professional arena, it is very important for yard sprinklers to be tested for backflow issues. Yards are filled with natural debris that you do not want running off into your drinking water lines.

Medical Equipment

The cleanliness of medical equipment is of the utmost importance. Backflow valves are necessary in eye wash machines, scrub sinks, and drinking water in patient rooms. Hospital water lines need to be free of debris, dirt, and dangerous chemicals. This is particularly important for dialysis machines too.

The yearly maintenance of backflow valves on water lines can save you a lot of headache in the future, whether from construction issues or health issues. Be sure to schedule yours soon.

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