6 Infomercial Products That Actually Work

If you are like most people, you own a television and actively watch it.  And like the typical viewer, you’ve come across an infomercial demonstrating the latest and greatest next new, must-have product.  Like many, you’ve probably also watched the infomercial wondering if it really does what is claims to do or works as easily as being shown.

Being skeptical isn’t a bad thing.  Many people today are budget conscience and don’t want to waste money on a product especially if it doesn’t perform as it was sold to do.  I imagine that there are probably a few products on the market that can’t live up to their claims.  But most of the time, products being sold by direct mass marketing firms like As Seen on TV do live up to their claims and really work.  Here are six infomercials that actually work.

The Pasta Boat

If you think about it, the Pasta Boat makes perfect sense.  You can cook your pasta, strain out the water and use it as a serving dish.  By using one item, you save time and energy.  You don’t have to worry about dragging out additional pots and pan and you definitely don’t have to worry about a sink filled with dishes to wash.

The Pasta Boat is also easy to use.  All you have to do is put pasta in the bowl, fill with water and pop it in the microwave.  That’s all there is to it.  Then when done, drain the water and it’s ready to serve.

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop

Induction cooking has been around for a long time.  For many years, it was normally just used in commercial kitchens.  Today’s average cook has the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop from As Seen on TV to use in their own kitchen.

There are many benefits to induction cooking.  One is the fact that it cooks your meals faster and without the mess associated with the standard electric or gas cooktop.  It’s portable and can be used anywhere you want to use it even outside.  Best of all it saves time in the kitchen and money on your energy bills.

6 Infomercial Products That Actually Work

Gutter Rake

One chore that is a pain and can be potentially dangerous is cleaning out gutters.  If you’re like the typical homeowner, you’ve had the horrible job of dragging out a ladder, climbing up and digging out leaves and other things that clog up your gutters.

This product is easy to use, simple to set up and keeps you out of harm’s way.  All you have to do is screw the Gutter Rake onto the end of an extension pole and drag it through your gutters.  It’s as simple as it gets.

Magic Mesh

You’ve probably seen this product advertised and wondered if it works.  The answer is yes.  It’s another product that is easy to set up and even easier to use.  The Magic Mesh is made of two big screens with magnets attached along the edges.  You hang it up and the magnets keep it closed.  It’s easy to pull apart and simple to put back together.  The magnets attract each other and do most of the work for you.


This is one product that I don’t actually like thinking about, but it does work.  The PedEgg allows you to remove calluses from your feet easily and painlessly.  So by doing your own foot care, you will same time and money with unnecessary doctor visits.

Magic Bullet

Finally the Magic Bullet.  Yes, there are other similar products on the market.  The good news is that the Magic Bullet is relatively inexpensive and performs as it claims.  It can blend, puree and grate in a matter of seconds.


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