8 Things You Need to Develop a Loyal Customer Base

2qtfk83If you’re a business looking to develop a loyal customer base, you’re in the right place. Businesses are nothing without a steady stream of customers, and the best way to make sure you have that is to get current customers to return. The following 8 things will help you to build up your loyal customer base:


A Good Attitude

Customers will be able to tell what your attitude is like just from speaking to you on the phone most of the time. You need to value each and every customer, and go out of your way to make their shopping experience with you a great one. No matter what you’re selling, make sure they enjoy the experience. Help them, give them advice, smile – be nice! How would you like to be treated?

A Reliable Call Service

When customers call, they don’t appreciate being left on hold or ignored. This will see them quickly going to find somebody else to work with. To make sure all of your calls get answered in a timely manner, hire a call service to sort them out for you. Click here to get an idea if what kind of service you can expect.

Free Stuff to Give Away

Customers and people in general, love free stuff. If you have free stuff to give away, this helps to generate positive feelings of the customer’s experience. Something such as a branded pen will be used all the time and help people to remember you when they look at it. You could even give out mugs, t-shirts, or sweets – whatever suits you best.

Loyalty Cards

A loyalty card is a great way to ensure that the most loyal of your customers are being rewarded for their loyalty. Let’s pretend you have a stationery shop. You could give your customers a card that you stamp after each purchase over $5, for example. When they get 3 stamps, they could get a free ballpoint pen.

When they get 3 more stamps, they could get a free notebook. 3 more stamps, and they could take their pick of any item to the value of $5. Then they can get a new card and start again. Remember, this is just an example!

A Regular Email Newsletter

This will keep your customers updated on offers, news, and other things that may interest them.

Discount Codes for Loyal Customers

As well as loyalty cards, you could send out discount codes for customers who have shopped with you recently. A 10% discount may encourage them to come back and try the other thing they were thinking of purchasing.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and get more exposure through sharing interesting, unique content. If you don’t have pages set up, you’re missing out!

A Personal Approach

Try to learn and remember as much as you can about your customers, if possible. This will allow you to maintain a personal approach, so the customer feels comfortable talking to you and working with you.

You’ll soon have a large, loyal customer base by using these 8 things!


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