How to Add Depth and Personality to a Business Blog Post

Business blogs are boring—most of the time. However, with the advancement in technologies and the introduction of modern marketing methods, like social networking platforms, businesses can improve their internet postings with added personality and depth. But how? This article should give you a few ideas.

Before Anything Else, You Should Thoroughly Research Your Audience—What Do They Like? How Do You Engage Them?

As a business, your success rides on the reaction and positive experiences of your audience. Ergo, you should strive to incorporate elements that appeal to and engage your prospective readers. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to know about your business? How could a business like yours engage you as a customer?

Tap into Your Creative Writing Skills to Hit on a Niche Topic that Speaks Volumes About Your Business

Most people are capable of word-weaving something amazing when they put their minds to it. You have creative writing skills in there somewhere—you simply need to find them. Even Boston temp jobs are descriptive in well-written blog formats for their search for new hires.

So, draft a blog post on a niche topic that you think would engage an audience. Run over it with the proverbial fine-tooth comb. Add in humor but also keep it professional in a casual way. Never stray from making your blog posts loosely based around your business. Keep those drafts rolling with revisions until you feel good about launching them to the online public.

Throw in Personal Anecdotes and Stories—Be Honest and Real with Your Audience

Most business owners have chosen their business niche for a reason. Be real and open about that reason. Use it as a personal story in a blog post to show your humanity to your readers. No one wants to believe that the business they intend to frequent is run by robots. Don’t hit on controversial topics—but let the audience know some cool stuff about you, business-wise.

End with an Option for Interaction and Feedback by Coding in a Live Message Box

When building your blog website, throw in a code for a live message box. This allows messages from prospective clients to reach you directly. You can openly communicate with them, and it’s this interaction that hooks your audience to let them know that someone in your business will always be there to hear them and respond.

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