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1.pnFloor machines are a key component in the arsenal of any commercial cleaner. Floor machines are used for washing floors, floor refinishing and polishing at low speed. While small arras can be cleaned manually, larger areas need commercial vacuum cleaner and more powerful machines for cleaning.

Floor machines come in many shapes and sizes, but are generally known as swing machines. These units range in speeds percent higher RPM drives, which can rotate as high as four hundred RPM. It is important to use the right type of floor machine for the job. In this article we will learn more about floor cleaning machines and commercial vacuum cleaner.

Machines floor consists of three major parts, buffer driver, motor housing or base and handle. Driver pad is a round disk that holds securely wipes the floor of the car. The base unit houses a motor, usually varying from one to three horsepower. Motor usually connects directly to the pad driver but in some cases it is connected by a belt of planetary gear systems. Planetary gear systems are sometimes used to increase or decrease the rotation of the pad driver makes the car suitable for a wide variety of cleaning tasks.

Handle the machine connects to the rear floor base and houses a switching lever at the top, so that the user can turn the machine on and off easily. Two handles are provided for the machine operator a secure grip so that it can be stored on the machine at all times. The cable is attached to the top of the handle to provide power to the unit. Power cords, usually varying in size from fifty to seventy-five meters.

Maize is an important piece of floor cleaning equipment, it can be used for many jobs. Using the first and most common for this type of unit is floor scrubbing. When scrubbing floors floor machine is used in conjunction with floor pad or brush. Floor pads come in many colours varying severity with colour pad.

In general, darker coloured floor pads are more aggressive and will provide a deeper scrub. Floor cleaning machine brushes hair stiffness may vary and may be changed depending on the floor is used. A stiffer bristle brush is suitable for concrete floors and slabs, as a soft hair brush is most commonly used on CTV and mosaic floors.

The speed of the machine is of great importance when working with different types of flooring and perform various tasks. For floors separating or removing old floor finish or wax a lower speed machine is generally used. Some higher speed floor machines can be used easily polish or polish floors when used with a lighter coloured floor buffer.

If a floor machine is used that is faster than the speed of floor damage may occur. Units are used for grinding or polishing floors shine should be 300RPMs or higher. If a small piece of equipment RPM is used to polish a floor will scratch the surface and gives a matte finish.

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