Why Choose Infrared Inspection?

Infrared inspective is a genuinely non-invasive method of gaining insight into the condition of the electronics that render your equipment operational. Testing is an essential way of determining a repair need long before you see the symptoms of potential breakdowns and equipment failure.

Heat and Electrical Components

In nearly any electrical failure of equipment, detectable levels of increased heat prelude the malfunction or breakdown. It makes the use of infrared testing a viable way to monitor the health of your electrical components. The infrared testing method will pick up these elevated heat signatures and show you where potential problems exist. You have the advantage of being able to better predict the potential for failure before it happens.

Detecting Weaknesses and Planning Repairs or Maintenance

All of your costly electronic equipment is tested by infrared technology, and a determination of the operating conditions are made based on results. You can easily find weaknesses in areas of the electrical equipment systems that otherwise would go undetected until a breakdown or complete failure occurs. You can better schedule routine maintenance, replace parts, and perform repairs before a catastrophic failure happens.

Less Intrusive Testing Method

Your equipment does not need breaking down completely to utilize the benefits of infrared testing. This method requires the equipment to operate as usual to detect the areas that are subject to breakdowns due to weaknesses and increased heat signature. Your downtime is minimal.

Avoid Unnecessary Repairs or Business Disrupting Breakdowns

The fewer equipment failures you have, the longer you operate in business-as-usual form. Having a predictable method of testing to demonstrate repair needs is one way of optimizing your overall performance. You can also avoid unnecessary replacement of components that might still work correctly. It helps pinpoint the actual area of concern, which saves you money over the life of the equipment.

Call on electronic equipment expertise like Predictive Service and find out more information about an electrical infrared inspection. Better predictability on equipment repair needs is a phone call away!

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