How To Choose The Right Office Chair

There is more to furnishing your office than just heading to the store for a new chair. It is important to choose a chair that you can sit in all day. Here are several tips on how to choose the right chair for your office.

Test The Chair For Comfort

You need to test the chair to make sure it has lumbar support. A chair without lumbar support can cause you to slouch when sitting for long periods of time. The features should also include armrests and a backrest, and the back of the chair should come to the middle of the shoulder blades or above the shoulders.

It Should Be Adjustable

Sitting in a chair that is too short or tall for your desk can be very uncomfortable. You are straining your shoulders and back to reach the keyboard and your eyes to see the screen. It can even cause a neck ache because you are constantly staring at the screen in an angle. This is why it is important to purchase an office chair that has an adjustable height.

Look For A Swivel Base

A chair with a swivel base makes it easier to access different parts of your desk. All you have to do is rotate the chair to reach the section you need. If the chair does not have a swivel base, you may strain your arms, shoulders or back trying to reach a certain area of your desk. It is best to put a swivel chair at the top of your wish list.

Check The Material Of The Chair

The material is another factor to consider when purchasing a new office chair. You are going to be sitting in this chair for several hours, so it should be made of a breathable material to keep it from becoming too hot or uncomfortable. The cushion should also be thick enough to keep you from feeling the base of the chair.

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