More Consumers Can Soon Try Grocery Delivery From Amazon (Watch)

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Grocery delivery is a growing trend in markets around the U.S. But some of those who could most benefit from getting their groceries delivered, like those living in food deserts, can’t afford it.

That’s about to change in a few select communities though. Amazon and six other companies are taking part in a pilot program to deliver groceries to families on SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Families on the program can use their SNAP funds to purchase eligible healthy items from Amazon, like vegetables and meat. They then pay only service and delivery fees to get their food items delivered right to their front doors.

The program is slated to last for two years. And at that point, the U.S. Department of Agriculture may choose to expand it to even more states.

For the companies like Amazon that are participating, this program also presents a unique opportunity. It introduces more customers to grocery delivery services who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to consider them.

The Benefits of Market Testing

It doesn’t matter whether your small business has  the opportunity to participate in a government program or not. It’s a good idea to find ways to serve customers who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to your products or services. That includes customers who might not ordinarily be able to afford what your business provides.

Those customers still represent an untapped market. And finding ways to serve them ultimately can bring more revenue to your bottom line.

Perhaps you could dream up a more affordable version of your product or service or find a non-profit or other organization to help defray the cost. Either way, you’re increasing your customer base and the potential word of mouth your business gets in the community. So there’s plenty of positives to consider.

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