Corporate Headshots: How To Use Them and How They Impact Brand Image

Corporate headshots have quite a few positives that come with taking them for the management team or entire staff at a company. The business world has become much larger with the technology available so getting an edge is important. Corporate headshots can give you an advantage over your competition if they fail to have them done. This does not make or break a company but it can be immensely helpful to a company’s brand image. The following are how corporate headshots can be used as well as how they impact a brand’s image.

Perfect for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is full of business opportunities like sales and business development. For this reason it is important for your staff members to put their best foot first with a corporate headshot. Those people who do not have themselves but rather another profile picture on LinkedIn look unprofessional to put it bluntly. Requiring all of your staff members to put up their headshot done for the company is important. If they are going to list your company as their place of employment you can have a say in what they put in their LinkedIn.

Meet The Team Page

One main goal of corporate headshots is to create a relationship with clients that goes beyond business. If you are simply a nameless faceless person behind an email address it is much less difficult to reprimand a vendor. Turning that email into an actual person will help a client or potential see a company as a team of people instead of an evil corporation. The “Meet the Team” page can be a great place to list hobbies as well  as show a little personality. Many of these pages have two images of an employee with one being a serous picture while the other being a silly one. There are even dogs that make these pages as most people love seeing a cute animal be a part of the team!

Make Sure Your Brand Image Matches The Photos

There are certain industries where joking around with anything to do with business is frowned upon. One of these industries happens to be finance as people do not want a comedian as a financial advisor. Make sure that corporate photos match your brand and more importantly your industry. A finance based company might be looked down upon if they cannot even afford high resolution headshots. These blurry headshots can delegitimize a company much like a buggy website reflects poorly on a company. This can allow not only clients to see the culture at the company but also potential hires. Attracting top talent can be incredibly useful when replacing employees. Attracting top talent with something as simple as pictures can be done at a reasonable rate with Kelly Weaver Photography. This helps reduce the costs of hiring an HR firm to handle hiring as your hiring process does not seem to be getting it done.


There are certain industries like that of internet marketing where conferences play a huge role in the sales cycles of companies. Being recognized can happen through a clear corporate headshot and gives you the ability to speak with current and potential clients. People remember faces and small bits of conversations from these conferences but not everybody’s name. For this same reason remembering the faces of clients you want to sign is equally important as having a headshot of your own. Recognizing someone from their headshot is an ego boost for many and it can keep you from having to cold pitch a potential client.

As you can see corporate headshots do quite a bit of positive and are incredibly affordable for any company. Show your company’s personality through headshots and build the brand you always dream about.

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