How To Create A Vehicle Wrap Design

A vehicle wrap is an ingenious and versatile way to advertise your business. Basically, you will be advertising your business wherever you drive. It is attention-getting and most people find the branding quite memorable, which, after all, is the entire point of advertising. The best part is that there are all sorts of vehicle wraps that can advertise any sort of business, even plumbing vehicle wraps. Here is a brief tutorial on how to design a vehicle wrap which works best for you.

1. Before creating the design on the computer, it is best to sketch the design by hand onto paper. If you are designing the wrap for a business client, let them tell you what you want and then incorporate their ideas. Of course, always show the client the design you have sketched before putting the design onto the computer.

2. Do not fall into the trap of over-complicating the design. Remember, the purpose of the wrap is so that the design can be seen either while the vehicle is far away or while the vehicle is in motion. For this reason, the design should be large, with an easy to read font and easy to see graphics.

3. The colors which are chosen for the design should be bright and bold. This not only makes them easy to see but also gets the viewer emotionally invested in the product or service being advertised. Experts agree that the perfect match of colors for outdoor advertising are red and green.

4. Keep it simple. There is no reason to write a long diatribe since the message will be seen outdoors on a vehicle. It is best to use simple slogans with as few words as possible to get the desired message across.

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