Creating Employee-Friendly Office Space

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Creating office space that emphasizes collaboration and fluid movement is the new normal for young start-up companies. Businesses that have been around for a while can take a lesson from these young bucks. If you are thinking of redoing employee workspace at your company, consider implementing a few worker-friendly designs for both efficiency and comfort.

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Employees are expected to be adaptable, so the workspace should be likewise. Creating multi-purpose spaces is a must for cost as well as human efficiency. If you know your company will eventually be expanding, dividing your offices and meeting rooms with walls that can be reconfigured as you grow makes good business sense. Foldable doors create rooms of different sizes.  Movable glass partition Toronto and in other parts of the country work well for high flexibility for growing companies that will need to rearrange their space in the future.


Comfort does not mean that every employee needs a private nap room but treating your workers well can go a long way towards their loyalty to a company. For example, polished concrete or hardwood floors are beautiful, but they are very hard on the feet and knees. If you have employees who spend much of their workday on their feet, provide them with rugs or anti-fatigue pads. On the flip side, if your employees are behind desks all day, consider buying standing desks or at the very least, ergonomic desk chairs.


Not every employee-friendly office feature needs to cost tons of money. Providing a decent coffee maker (plus high-quality coffee) and a filtered water cooler gives people a reason to take an in-house break rather than a longer one to the coffee shop around the corner. A nicely furnished kitchen also serves as an informal gathering place for stress-free social interaction.

Quality work expectations should be balanced with a quality office life. Give your employees a nice environment, and they will most likely give you good work in return. A few well-placed touches and thoughtful space design can make a huge difference to employee well-being.


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