How Do Customers Prefer to Contact Your Business? [POLL]

Live chats and face-to-face encounters. There are a lot of ways your customers can reach you these days. How do customers prefer to contact your business?

There was a time when there were only about three ways a customer could connect with your small business.

These were simpler times. They had to visit your shop. Or they could phone you but if it was long-distance, it would have been a big deal. And then there was the mail.

Those options still exist, for better or worse, but customers now have scads more ways of engaging your company and they take advantage of them all. Some communication channels get more use than others and those are the ones small businesses need to keep an eye on. If you don’t monitor them, you risk driving your customer experience into the ground. That’s why this week, we want to know …

How Do Customers Prefer to Contact Your Business?

The old-school methods of communication are options, here. So, too, are newer means of communication. These are the ones that connect you with your customers at all hours of the day and night.

Pick one of the options below.


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