GoDaddy Launches SmartLine, Gives Your Small Business Its Own Phone Number

GoDaddy SmartLine Gives Your Small Business Its Own Phone Number

The smartphone you carry today is more than a personal communications device. it is also fully integrated with the way you do business. For small business owners, having a second dedicated line just for business can have multiple benefits. The new GoDaddy SmartLine service makes this possible on your device, giving you and your company a more professional appearance.

GoDaddy (NYSE:GDDY) has been investing in the small business segment with many different new services and products, better security features and Web design on mobile to name just a few. SmartLine was launched after the company purchased FreedomVoice in 2016 for $42+ million.


How Do You Get a GoDaddy SmartLine?

It couldn’t be easier. It only takes five steps, which begin by going to and signing up. You then choose a local number with a US area code, link your mobile phone, install the app after you pick up the automated text you receive, and make a test call to ensure it is working.

There is no need to call your carrier or any other service provider.

Once it is installed, you will be able to:

  • Receive calls and voicemail on the business line,
  • Send and accept text messages, and
  • Customize business hours for your number.

What is it Going to Cost You?

SmartLine has two plans. The basic plan gives you 100 talk minutes and 100 texts for $3.99. The SmartLine plan comes in at $9.99, which gives you unlimited talk and text. However, there is a disclaimer for the unlimited plan. GoDaddy says it is based on Fair Usage policy of up to 2,000 minutes and 2,000 texts per month.

You can try both plans free for one month. If you decide to pay for the service, you can cancel anytime.

According to GoDaddy, 86 percent of small business owners use their smartphone for work and personal communications, but they would rather not give their personal number out. SmartLine will let you add a business number on your Android and iOS smartphone at a price point virtually all businesses can afford.


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