Maintaining Office Equipment

There is no doubt that the equipment needed to run your office must be kept in the best shape possible. You depend on your computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, and more. When they are maintained properly, it may not keep them from needing repair or replacing occasionally, but it lessens the chance they will break down when you need them the most.

Taking Care of Computers

Computers should always be away from anything that creates moisture or heat. They also need to be placed in a way that the ventilation is not blocked. Always use compressed air to clean keyboards and the vents. There are cleaners made especially for computers.

Cloths that are static-free are good for cleaning the screen. Never use anything abrasive that might damage the screen. Keep computers plugged into surge protectors to reduce the risk of electrical surges, particularly in storms. In addition to cleaning, make sure your computers have a good virus protection program.

Maintaining Fax Machines

As with computers, fax machines should be in a room that is not have excessive moisture. They should also be placed where they have ample ventilation. The toner will need changing from time to time. Be careful when changing it because the old cartridges can leak. It could leak on important parts of the machine and cause damage. Make sure your paper does not stick together and cause a jam.

Printers and Copiers

Although keeping printers and copiers clean is important, they must be used correctly. Using the wrong weight paper or overfilling printers can cause problems. Educate anyone else that will be using the equipment on the right way of doing so. The manufacturer’s instruction should be followed or this could void any warranties on new equipment. An example of a copier repair service washington dc is Gem Laser.

Setting up an office with all the required equipment is expensive. It is necessary so that your business has everything that is needed to function. Maintaining it correctly and on a regular schedule will help it to last longer.

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