Move Over Avocado Toast, This Restaurant Has Designed a Whole Menu Around This Tasty Food

2 Benefits of Capitalizing on Trending Business Ideas

You’ve no doubt noticed the avocado toast trend that’s been sweeping the nation over the last few years. But one business has decided to take the trend to a whole new level.

Avocaderia is an avocado bar completely dedicated to avocado based foods. It includes avocado toast, but also other foods like smoothies, burgers, chocolate mousse and more.

The founders came up with the idea for the business because they were looking for a food that would help them capitalize on the healthy food trend, but also offer delicious options. What they ended up with was the first restaurant of its kind dedicated to avocados.

Basing a business entirely around a trend might not seem like the best idea — especially if it’s a brand new one that might fizzle out in just a couple of months. But avocados have always been somewhat popular — it’s just the smashed versions covering toast that have exploded on Instagram more recently.


2 Benefits of Capitalizing on Trending Business Ideas

So this concept can teach small businesses a couple of different lessons. First, capitalizing on a recent trendwhile keeping in mind a longer term one (in this case healthy eating) can help you ensure that your business gets a lot of buzz but also has the potential for staying power.

Second, using a trend like this can also help you find a really specific niche to differentiate your business. In this instance, the business is based wholly around avocados instead of just being another burger bar or general health food restaurant. This can help the business stand out in customers’ minds and gain a lot of attention on social media and beyond.


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