Obtain The Right Alcohol License For Your Business

If you want to open a business that serves alcohol, it is important to obtain the right license for your store or restaurant. You do not want to be stuck paying a fine or closing your business.

The first step is to determine which license you need to obtain. The following list is just several alcohol licenses you can obtain for your store or restaurant.

MB Mixed Beverage Permit: When you obtain this permit, you are permitted to sell mixed beverages to your customers. Your customers can only open the beverages at your location.

P Package Store Permit: You can sell malt, liquor and vinous liquors with this permit, but your customers must wait until they are off the property before opening the beverage.

RM Mixed Beverage in Restaurant Permit with Food and Beverage Certificate: You need this permit if you are planning to serve beer, wine and other mixed beverages in your restaurant. Your customers may only consume the beverages inside your business.

You can also find a permit for alcohol beverages on a train car or excursion boat. The permits allow the sale of wine and beer of up to 14 percent or 17 percent of alcohol, but the amount of alcohol depends on your local laws. The beverages must be consumed on the train or boat.

There are certain steps you must take to obtain an alcohol license in your area. You can get started by contacting an alcohol license Dallas TX company, such as Texas Alcohol Consulting. The staff works through the process of obtaining an alcohol license. They help you choose the right permit, learn the rules and finish the necessary paper work.

It usually takes six months to complete the process, but an alcohol consultant company can obtain your license in 45 to 60 days. If you are obtaining the alcohol license for a grand opening, it is best to start the process about 120 days before the opening date.

When you contact an alcohol consultant company, you are one step closer to expanding your inventory or updating your menu.

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