PocketSmith: Financial Forecasting for Small Business

PocketSmith is a new web-based financial tool to help you predict cashflow.  Currently, the service is designed for individuals, but with just a bit of creative thought, small business owners can see how it will help them manage and forecast cashflow needs.

The software service takes a unique approach to financial information: All financial items are events on a calendar.

pocketsmith main page

You put in your weekly bills, rent, phone, your salary, into a web-based calendar. The application then forecasts what your cash position will be in the coming weeks and months. The predictions work based on the spending, saving, and cash decisions you make today. As you go, PocketSmith takes the events and generates a six or 12-month cash forecast, with a daily predicted balance.

What I like about PocketSmith is that they have kept it very simple. They offer a helpful FAQ section and blog posts help explain the newest features. Equally important for many people, they allow you to synchronize or export your data to Excel, and to your calendar in Outlook, Google, or iPhone.  You can get started quickly with their four main navigation tabs.

  • Forecast is where you set up your budget and forecast, and predict where you can be if you stick to your budget.  You’ll see where it says groceries clearly indicating a personal finances approach, but it doesn’t force you to keep their items.  You set your own.
  • Accounts is where you add your bank accounts and actual spending, ready for analysis. This is completely optional. You do not have to set up the bank account info like many services. You can start without it.
  • Compares allows you to compare how you have tracked against your forecast.
  • Goals lets you plan to buy the items that you need. Whether you are saving for a new printer, computer system, or new office location; PocketSmith can predict when you can achieve your goals and pay for them in cash.


The only thing I didn’t like about the experience is a tiny point, but I didn’t prefer the testimonials section and would encourage them to make those believable. It was the only thing that made me question the service. A great quote by “Bobby” or “Stephanie” doesn’t cut it.

Who’s it for?

Again, it has been designed with the individual consumer in mind; however, small business owners and startups can easily use it to play “what if” scenarios against decisions made today. Small business owners could use this as a virtual, and very, very smart, financial controller.

PocketSmith is worth a serious try to help you with your cashflow today and future revenue predictions. They offer a free version, but the next level at $5/month is very reasonable.


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