See a Full-Size Toyota Land Cruiser Built from 440,000 Legos

At some point during our awkward adolescence, most of us abandon the toys we spent hours playing with as children, trading our youthful creativity and imagination for the jaded realism of adulthood. But some lucky people manage to turn childhood obsessions into a career instead. Among those are Lego certified builders, who use their passion for the plastic building blocks to craft colossal Lego sculptures. Al-Futaim Toyota, a dealership in the United Arab Emirates, found one such Lego certified builder based there, and now the dealer gets to show off this full-size Lego model of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300.

toyota land cruiser lego

The model, which is on display next to the real thing in the Dubai Mall until December 15, is incredibly accurate. The Land Cruiser sculpture has the exact same dimensions as the actual SUV, stretching 194.9 inches long and 74 inches tall. The huge project is constructed from more than 440,000 Lego bricks and weighs in at over 4500 pounds, not far off the real Land Cruiser’s 5700-plus-pounds. The Lego vehicle was pieced together by 12 team members and took 2688 hours to develop and build.


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