Severance pay after accident: Requirements and rules

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Anyone who is injured in a traffic accident without fault is entitled to compensation. To get it, you have to accurately document the physical damage and legal advice from an expert car accident lawyer. This should be you’re your first priority before taking any avengers step. Anyone who is injured in a car accident through no fault of their own can demand compensation for pain. It should be a compensation for materially unquantifiable suffering.

Who pays the compensation?

In car accidents the motor vehicle liability insurance takes over the compensation. Theoretically several accident participants can claim compensation from each other if the accident debt is not left to one party alone.

Requirements for compensation

In order to be able to claim compensation for pain and suffering, the victim must prove to the accident causer’s insurance that he has sustained injuries or impairments of a certain intensity and duration.

What to do after an accident

Anyone who realizes after an accident that they are injured should report this directly to the local police. From the causer of the accident you can give the insurant number and make a note of his license plate if you are in a position to do so. Thereafter, the victim should go to the doctor as soon as possible and have the injuries attested.

What affects the amount of compensation?

In the case of a contributory negligence if the injured party did not wear the seat belt then the compensation for pain is reduced. Even with pre-existing conditions of the victim there may be deductions. Anyone who struggles with vertebral problems anyway and suffers a herniated disc due to a rear-end collision receives less money than a healthy victim. The injured party is required to provide proof of insurance. It should be noted exactly what work and hobbies you cannot exercise by the accident or when the pain is particularly strong.

Separate damages

Anyone who is temporarily or permanently affected by his injury in the household can demand separate compensation. In very serious injuries, through which the victim becomes a nursing case, a pain relief is also possible.

Conclusion: Consult lawyer for traffic law

If the claim of the victim is justified, the motor vehicle liability of the accident causer also takes legal fees.You should consult an attorney for traffic law early especially with compensation statements. This directly offered sum of the insurances is often higher than the regular compensation. But that would usually also be compensated for impairments that still arise. Therefore you should always consult a doctor for possible consequential damages. In the case of injured children an intangible reservation makes sense which enables compensation for future impairments.

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