Shamita Shetty: None of my best friends are from the film industry

Shamita Shetty

Actor Shamita Shetty is making a comeback on screen after a gap of nine years.(Aalok Soni/HT PHOTO)

Actor Shamita Shetty was considered as one of the most promising newcomers in the film industry when she made her debut in Mohabbatein (2000). But after doing some films, she disappeared from the scene. However, after a gap of nine years, Shamita is set to make a comeback with a web series. Having been around in the industry for a little less than two decades, it’s surprising that she doesn’t have a big friend circle.

About her friends in the industry, she says, “[After] being a part of this fraternity for so long, you end up knowing so many people, and making friends. But people that I can actually count on… none of my close friends are from this industry. I don’t know why, but that’s how it has been for me.”

Citing “insecurity” as one of the main reasons why she couldn’t develop any stable bonds, Shamita says, “Unfortunately, most actors are so insecure that to build a friendship on that kind of foundation is very difficult. So I definitely know a lot of people in this industry, but I don’t have any 4am friends as such.”

However, Shamita is quick to add, “The only friend I have had for the longest time is Rocky S, the designer. He has been in my life for 20 years now.”

Asked if she regrets not making lasting friendships in Bollywood, Shamita says she’s content in her own space and with her circle of non-film friends. “I do socialise but yeah, if you are talking about best friends, then I am very satisfied with the people that I have in my life because they genuinely love me.”


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