11 Types of Difficult Customers and Ideas for How to Handle Them (INFOGRAPHIC)

A critical part of running a successful business is managing customers. If customers are served properly and they leave your business premises happy and satisfied, your business can grow and continue to succeed. However, if customers leave upset, it can really... Read more

Added Value Makes Dasheroo a Different Kind of Business Dashboard

Usefulness Functionality Price Summary Though still in it’s beta stage, Dasheroo offers unique value above and beyond more traditional business dashboard solutions. Factor in the fact that it’s free (freemium pricing is in the future) and Dasheroo may just become... Read more

GoDaddy Develops Search Engine Visibility at the Touch of a Button

When a small business owner obtains a website, the most important aspect is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That’s the code embedded in the website that allows for search engines such as Google to put searchers in touch with the... Read more

20% of All Searches are Made with Voice (INFOGRAPHIC)

A new and very interactive infographic by Adzooma takes a look at how online advertising will be trending in 2018. And one of the data points is the growth of voice search, which now makes up 20 percent of inquiries... Read more

Display Advertising Statistics for Different Types of Digital Ads

We’ve collected these display advertising statistics from a variety of sources. If you’re unsure of the differences between the different types of display advertising, there’s an explanation beneath the statistics. Last updated: January 22, 2017 Banner Ads Statistics Banner ads have been... Read more

Shamita Shetty: None of my best friends are from the film industry

Actor Shamita Shetty is making a comeback on screen after a gap of nine years.(Aalok Soni/HT PHOTO) Actor Shamita Shetty was considered as one of the most promising newcomers in the film industry when she made her debut in Mohabbatein... Read more

This Yamaha RX135 gets new lease of life; Modified into a Cafe Racer

The Yamaha RX100 and the RX135 were quite a race back in their heyday. In spite of being out of production, these motorcycles still have a fan-following of sorts and finding a well-maintained example is pretty easy even in this... Read more

The Essentials of PPC Keyword Research

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5 Actions you can take to reduce the impact of home loan on your tax planning

While buying own house is a dream for many, one cannot ignore that there is also considerable societal pressure on young earners on this point… The good thing is that the government has given various tax concessions to spruce up... Read more

Picture Book Beats: The Silence of the (H)Ears

Two picture books bring out the power of silence, almost making it a character in its own right. In one, silence of the listener is an enabler in getting over the grief of the protagonist. In the other, it is... Read more