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5 Tips for Designing a Creative Storefront Sign | Creativeoverflow

You want your business to make a good first impression. The first thing most people will see, whether they’ve sought you out or are just passing by, is your storefront. The way it looks imprints your brand identity on everyone that sees it. If it looks good, it’s a tremendous opportunity. If it’s sloppy or poorly executed, customers may turn away before they even come in. Here are some tips to put your best foot forward with storefront signage.

Simple, Bold Text on Awnings

Commercial awning signs are great, especially for businesses in strip malls. To take advantage of them, you must take an objective look at your logo. If it’s hard to read when squished down to fit in a rectangle shape, especially if it’s written in a script-style font, stick to bold capital letters spelling out your name. Remember, they’ll still see your logo on your door or window.

Lighted Window Signs

Speaking of windows, consider this: decals and clings are fine ways to display your logo and branding information, but if your window gets a lot of direct sunlight during the day, you may want to avoid them. Over time, the sun can cause them to fade, crack, or decay. A better alternative may be lighted neon signs. They add some color and flair to your window, and (depending on the terms of your lease) you may have the option to leave them on 24/7, even when the store is closed at night.

Single-Color Logos

Design trends always swing on pendulums from elaborate to simple. If you have a logo with lots of textures, lighting effects or gradients, you may find it doesn’t “read” in certain settings. Awnings, storefronts, and monument signs at the fronts of shopping plazas are good examples of this. You should always have a white, or other bold, single-color version of your logo available to make it easy for passing eyes to process it quickly.

Good or bad, consumers judge books by their covers. Your storefront signage is your “cover.” Make a good first impression!

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