Salary Calculator 2022-23 – Take Home Salary Calculator India

Have you ever thought of using the simplest way to calculate your salary? It may be hard to calculate the salary after the deductions and allowances provided by the company like House Rent Allowance, Leave Travel Allowance, Special allowance, Bonus,... Read more

Nadella to receive $1.2 million base salary as Microsoft CEO: SEC filing

Cricket-loving Satya Nadella will get a base annual salary of $1.2 million as the new CEO of Microsoft, but his overall package after taking into account bonus and stock awards may reach $18 million (Rs. 112 crores) a year, besides... Read more

Job switchers in IT industry lead salary growth

Americans switching jobs are getting bigger raises than employees staying put, with companies in technology and construction giving the largest pay hikes to those willing to take new positions amid a historically tight labor market. Workers who switched jobs from... Read more

CEO Uses His Own Salary to Raise Employee Wages to $70,000

Many companies have raised their minimum wages in recent years in order to compete for better talent. But one company is taking that concept to a whole new level. Dan Price, founder of Gravity Payments, recently announced to his employees... Read more

Payday test: Banks brace for salary payments amid cash crunch

Bankers feel that while crowd management is not their biggest worry, as exchanging old currency has now stopped at bank branches, the staff can focus on withdrawals. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint Mumbai: As salaries get credited in bank accounts across India,... Read more