Updating Your Office Space

Whether you’re trying to modernize the look of your office space, increase efficiency, or replace fixtures in disrepair, making the right design choices is critical. Poorly informed design can decrease staff morale and productivity, turn off potential inbound customers, and cost you money in the long run.

Here are some things to consider when updating your office space.

1. Sleek Design

When clients, employees, or investors see your space, they will judge your company’s value based on their initial impressions of your space. Take the steps to make your space look more modern, professional, and up-to-date and your constituents will respond in kind.

Replace ugly wall vents with a ceiling-mounted linear slot diffuser option. Update your dated carpeting or tile floors with vinyl wood designs or minimalist geometric carpet patterns. Throw out your bulky, out-dated furniture and replace them with modern options that will last.

2. Energy Efficiency

Increasing the energy efficiency of your space will save you money. Consider switching to more efficient LED bulbs, adding motion sensors to lighting in the less-utilized spaces in your office, or just incorporating more natural light in your space.

Replacing your windows with triple-glazed or low E-rated windows can reduce heating and cooling costs. If possible, add solar panels outside your building to harness renewable energy and lower your monthly bills.

3. Design for Productivity

Many employers are findings ways to increase their office productivity through design. The right design choices can make an impact.

Take advantage of the psychological impact colors can have. Yellows, for instance, promote positivity and happiness while whites are clean but uninspiring. Choose wall and accent colors with a purpose.

Small changes like including more plants or art into your office space can reduce stress and boost both productivity and creativity. Sit-and-stand desks have shown to be effective drivers of increased productivity, morale, and well-being for office workers.

These things can be expensive, but if you can look past the upfront costs and see the potential long-term gains for you and your employees, updating your office space might be just the thing your company needs.

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