How to prepare for a house sale

How to prepare your house for sale | Blog | Homewise

Selling your home isn’t a simple matter!  Not only does it require a lot of work, but you also have to learn to be patient despite thousands of dollars sitting on the table.  If you want to sell your home and try to make it go as smoothly and as quickly as possible- here are the steps you should follow.

Get Everything Out

Pack up your home before you try to sell it.  You can get more money and still sell quickly if you follow the next few steps.  Although it might be frustrating if you were planning on staying in the home until it sold, it will sell faster without you in it.  If you can, rent a storage container for a couple of months and stay nearby.  People don’t want to think about the previous owners when they see a home- they want to think about their futures.

Scrub From Top To Bottom

It’s vital that you deep clean your home.  There are buyers out there who will turn down a house based on the grout in your shower.  A clean and spotless home makes it look well taken care of, well-loved, and they’ll appreciate that.  If you need to, you can put down a fresh layer of paint in most rooms.  This plan helps add to the sleek and brand new look and allow buyers to fully buy into the fantasy that nobody’s ever lived here before.  You’ve lived there, but it’s better to make them think it’s plausible.

Stage It Professionally

This fact is the hot ticket item when it comes to getting your home ready to sell.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t love your home or treat it right, but you should work hard to make it a space someone else will want to love.  You can rent staging furniture for discounted prices and set up your home like a showroom.  Using the dressers, beds, and couches you rent, layout your house so that it shows off the best parts and diminishes whatever problems you see in it.  This plan will guide the potential homebuyers’ eyes and, hopefully, their wallets.

Hire A Realtor or Agent

Don’t do this solo!  If you’ve never sold a house before, don’t try to go this alone!  By working with a professional, you give yourself a better chance of getting more money and selling quickly so you can move on with your life.  Although they’ll have to help you with a seller closing costs calculator, and you’ll have some work to do on your side- this is the best way to sell your first home.

Promote Word of Mouth

Talk to friends, family, and family of friends. Let everyone know you’re selling your home, but don’t peter people!  If they’re interested, they’ll ask for more information.  There’s no need to alienate your friends in the middle of moving.  You can tweet about it or share information on Facebook about your home, and let the retweets and shares help!  Selling a house isn’t easy- but with the help, you can do it!

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