Wheelys Low Cost Green Business Innovates Again With New Cafe on a Bike

Wheelys Cafe is a Full Service Coffee Shop and Restaurant on a Bicycle

Wheelys, the green low cost franchise featuring a full-service coffee shop and restaurant on a bicycle, is innovating again. The company recently launched a new bike cart called the Wheelys 5 Open Source.

With over 550 bicycle carts and quasi-employees, the Swedish-based franchise is quickly becoming one of the world’s fastest growing café chains and a simple way to start a coffee shop business. They are now in 65 countries, with more locations than even Starbucks.

“This is the biggest invention in mobile food since some greek invented the wine bottle,” the company states on its Indiegogo campaign page. “It is a full service, high tech mobile kitchen, with running water, refrigeration, integrated tablets, and everything you need to make the world’s best coffee. AND more.”

Here’s a look at the new Wheelys:

The new bike cart is a bit more expensive than earlier versions, but at $5,900, it is still far cheaper than owning a brick and mortar café. More importanty, since it’s a bike cart, you can choose to set up whenever and wherever you want. The only ongoing cost is the $199 monthly franchise fee that covers a range of benefits, including discounted supplies, support, branding, advertising, workshops, among other things.

A Look at the Latest Wheelys Cafe Cart

The tricycle is powered by sun and sweat and it is optimized for all things caffeinated. The Wheelys 5 Open Source is loaded with WiFi, running water, an air purifier, LED lighting, a roof, a sink, smart displays, an electric motor, solar power, a sign, a gas stove, espresso brewer and a speaker for tunes. The stove uses biogas and the coffee grounds can be recycled into soil cubes. All this gear means that you can now serve juice, coffee or pastries come rain or shine.

Wheelys Cafe Overview

According to Wheelys, running the tricycle is hard work. “You need to get up in the morning and brew that coffee. You need to build habits for the customers. You need to care for your relations, and sometimes bike home in the rain. It is hard, but if you have the will, we have 200 people that will tell you it is the best living in the world. You are the boss, you work when you want.”

Image: Wheelys


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