The legalities and illegalities of the steroids

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Owing to the variety of problems and side effects attached to the steroids the legalities and illegalities associated with these special supplements are facts that one should be aware of .It is said that most of these supplements are circulated in the market after having being tested on animals . This lack of test on humans renders these specific products problematic for human use and consumption  .When you decide to undertake the regime for these supplements you should be alert to tick off a few questions with a proper answer . It is advisable that you consider to go through the protocols related to its dosages and what side effects it may contain .You might face tremendous problems to obtain these drugs legally without the authorized prescription of the doctor .However you should not avoid visiting the doctor once you decide to consume these medicines .

Ways of purchasing steroids the illegal way

  • Online shopping is one of the ways where you can buy these products without the prescription of the doctor , but many a times you might land up getting the worst of the underground products .
  • The athletes are only allowed to procure these supplements legally so you can take their advise before getting one for you.
  • You should undertake a full survey of the internet portals before you decide to buy a particular brand . Globalization has enabled us to get hold of information from the blogs which houses several similar buyers and users .

Bird’s view of the steroid business

A steroid is known to help you in a several ways . The best known effect among them is the weight loss and toning of the body . But these steroids come with a lot of difficulties . The biggest among these difficulties being the side effects it causes to your body which are irreversible . However several companies promise to deliver you with the best harmless products and it is not even true that all available products in the market are problematic . But it is very difficult to obtain these drugs legally over the counter without the prescription .

The side effects may include

  • Excessive hair growth
  • Increased levels of testosterone in the body
  • Faster heartbeats
  • Rapid fall of blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • In some cases sudden bulking can also occur which might get difficult to handle with the passage of time
  • If you fail to combine the usage of these drugs with proper , regular exercises and a strict diet , the supplements might fail to show any positive results .

As mentioned earlier these drugs are not tested on humans but are used by humans with out the guarantee of the clinically tested procedure . This drawback makes the situation more complex and a doctor’s recommendation for the use becomes necessary and urgent . You will not even be able to decide on the dosage from the instructions given in the manual as to decide on it you require to relate it to your metabolism rate and body mass which can only be done in the correct way by the doctor himself .

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